Beschikbare cursussen

Skydive Rotterdam offers skydive (AFF) courses throughout the year. For more information about these courses (and more) please visit the website at

So, what will you learn when taking this e-learn course?

  • Insight in the structure of the total skydive course.
  • The concepts used with skydive.
  • introduction to the first lessons.

Going through this e-learn course, you will get the first impression of all concepts of the AFF Skydive course. So when taking the course at Skydive Rotterdam, you won't be overwhelmed. There will be short presentations and movies in the course and some small interactive quiz questions to test your knowledge.

The E-learn course will contain the following lessons:

  1. Introduction to Skydive Rotterdam
  2. introduction to your skydive gear
  3. Quiz
  4. Preparation before a jump
  5. Quiz
  6. Normal course of your first Jump
  7. Sign language of AFF
  8. Quiz
  9. What does your parachute look like
  10. Parachute situations
  11. Quiz
  12. Concept and knowledge list

What is the end goal, that is of course that we will learn how to safely jump out of a plane. After the complete AFF course you shall be able to jump out of a plane (with parachute) all by yourself.